Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Blogged the 56K

I Blogged the 56 K

In the beginning there was the Internet.

Before that there were bulletin boards. These I explored with a 300 baud modem.

Recently I asked a customer who was purchasing a new computer if he needed a modem? His response sort of set me back. He said that he didn’t think anyone used phone modems anymore.

Truthfully! Yes they do. I have many customers who still use 56K Modems. But I ask why?

Maybe because it’s cheaper than Cable or DSL which either costs almost $50 per month

You can buy a 56K Modem for under $15. And the service providers range from $9.00 to $ 25.00 a month.

The other day my internet went down. I was told it would be three days before they could have anyone out to fix it. Until it could be restored I figured to use my backup 56K modem. This I have installed and I pay about $10 per month. The reason it is installed is I receive residual payments from those customers I recommend. This means I gain far more than the cost.

Horrors! I could not imagine using such a horse and buggy appliance as a phone modem.

One little thought here. Cable and DSL will be looked upon as archaic like the phone modems are in a very few years.

The reason I’m telling you this is plain and simple. It’s all about service. I would dig ditches to be able to have the best and I promise to give the best in any of my endeavors. No I am not a bigot or egotist. You cannot be successful if your thoughts about yourself are menial or in denial. A couple months ago my wife and I were discussing the remodeling of one of the bathrooms in our home. I have back problems so unable to do much myself. The bathroom off the main bedroom we hired to have remodeled but the large bathroom off the hall needs major renovation. My wife’s comment was that it’s okay because no one sees it. What are we a couple of nobody’s was my explanation? Of course the bathroom off the main bedroom didn’t need remodeling until the toilet almost went through the floor. We have new paint and cupboards in the kitchen but the tile is waiting until the hall is painted and the hall doesn’t get painted until the bathroom is done etc, etc.

I am trying to give my wife the environment, worthy of the princess that she is.

Lets get with it folks. If you are going to make money on the internet you should plan on investing a bit. Not a whole lot but enough to keep you going until the money starts coming in.

You must start out will a goal plan and a budget. In a later edition of this Blog. I will expound my thoughts on goal setting and finances.

I know almost all of the pitfalls of the internet and my purpose is to help you avoid them if possible. A few years ago I blew all of my savings of $80,000 mostly on internet promises. Oh Boy did I get rich? I actually tried to file for bankruptcy. I had doctor and hospital bills and had maxed out my credit cards. The attorney told me I wasn’t eligible for bankruptcy because I still owned properties and had investments. This was true but it didn’t give me any cash flow. It would take time to find buyers for the properties and stocks.

Now let me regress a bit here. I am not down playing that you should not use phone line modems or free internet access but the core issue is you get what you pay for. Starting out with very little money won’t hinder you except taking longer to succeed.