Sunday, November 04, 2007

Advice, Views and Offerings

I do not intend for this Blog to be used for Negativisms but as an expression of thoughts on life and the development of strong relationships. both in family and community.
In all my business years I have given a lot of advice which some was good and some was bad.
I like to think that I have helped solve people's problems. More likely than not I solved very little. I advised people on marriage when mine was on the rocks. Although my marriage did survive.

For some reason I was looked upon as an authority on about everything. I hope I'm not like an acquaintance who is an authority on everything except holding a job.
My actual roll was a Theatrical Costume Consultant. I worked on a few movies and met many movie stars

Many still asked for personal advice on other matters. Maybe it was because of my business or religious affiliations.Maybe they thought I would introduce them to the Movie Stars.

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