Friday, November 14, 2008

(Never say Die!)
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Never Say Die! Don't Give up now, help is on the way.

How many Guru's does it take for you to go bankrupt? I'm ashamed of

myself for spending our house hold budget money for things that promise

instant riches. Maybe you do the same by joining programs that you hope

will lead to the gold at the end of the rainbow, but guess what? Your

deeper and deeper in debt.

I've spent thousands of dollars on worthless programs, how about you?

Heh! Maybe your smarter than the average bear. None the less it's time

to quit sqaudering your precious dollars.

With todays economy who knows what lies ahead.

I've used several programs that are very promising but before I show

what they are I think you should consider this: They say there isn't

such a thing as a free lunch but what if I were to tell you

differently? Maybe not entirely free because any worth while idea

requires either effort or money, sometimes both.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

With the financial crisis going on, bank closeirs, an unhealthy Wall Street, and prices hitting an all time high. It looks gloomy for our future. The bright side is that we can make inroads that shelter us from the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Lets start with your Budget. You do have a budget don't you?

It's suprizing that there are so many couples that don't have a proper budget. Most of the time it's one spouse that takes care of the bills and the other has no idea whats going on.

When I was newly married and starting a family I felt a budget was impossible. My wages didn't even cover living expenses. I started a second job and my wife began selling Avon Products. That certainly helped but then there was no family life.

Before you start a budget please do a list of personal values and priorities. What good is wealth if it puts family and health at risk. I finally was able to have a workable budget but after 40 years on the job my health suffered. I was forced to retire early. After 40 years is early?

Even though budgeting is a very imprtant aspect of your goal setting, be sure you get your priorities right.

It takes effort with anything you do of wirth. It took me along time to learn to handle finances. Today I am completely out of debt. My home is completly paid for. My car is paid for but I may be unable to drive if my health worsens. I do not have any credit card debt. I have one credit card for emergencies, one debit card for online purchases and one debit card for other expenses and fun. Although I'm on social security I also have a computer repair business.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Advice, Views and Offerings part 2

If you have signed up for anything on the internet your bombarded with a hundred other offerings.
Most of them offer verification by clicking the follow up e-mail. This is somewhat par for the course but who are they any how? I'm glutton for punishment because I have signed up for anything that offered instant riches. Of course you recieve a zillion unsolicited e-mails to fill your inbox.

Okay! I didn't expect instant riches but I did expect honesty with their offerings. Most are same oh, same oh with a different title. How many adsense reports, clickbank wealth, SEO optimization, doing the HTML game, and how I did it, do we need? It makes me feel like throwing up.

I had more websites that go nowhere than I could count. This was because their programs offered a way to make a big income. After paying for the programs you find a half dozen inner programs with more charges.

I bought into so many programs that my family shut me down. I wasn't paying the bills.
All my credit cards were cancelled, most were way over the limit. How do you do that?
I was given an allowance. What am I some little kid with an allowance? Of course sometimes drastick measures are necessay but to have an audit every month and a cosigner for my checks.

It didn't go that far because I balked. Lock me up and throw away the key. We finally came to an agreement where I wasn't to use the internet except for surfing and e-mails. No purchases allowed.

I was told at a young age that i'm retarded so I have an excuse.

What I'm trying to say here is be careful and wise. Don't go over your head in debt.
I now live comfortably, Not rich but I have all my needs. A home and car that's paid for and money in the bank and I owe no one. My name is cash only, one credit card for emegencies.

Next week I'll be doing an article on staying out of debt.