Friday, November 14, 2008

(Never say Die!)
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Never Say Die! Don't Give up now, help is on the way.

How many Guru's does it take for you to go bankrupt? I'm ashamed of

myself for spending our house hold budget money for things that promise

instant riches. Maybe you do the same by joining programs that you hope

will lead to the gold at the end of the rainbow, but guess what? Your

deeper and deeper in debt.

I've spent thousands of dollars on worthless programs, how about you?

Heh! Maybe your smarter than the average bear. None the less it's time

to quit sqaudering your precious dollars.

With todays economy who knows what lies ahead.

I've used several programs that are very promising but before I show

what they are I think you should consider this: They say there isn't

such a thing as a free lunch but what if I were to tell you

differently? Maybe not entirely free because any worth while idea

requires either effort or money, sometimes both.

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