Sunday, August 31, 2008

Advice, Views and Offerings part 2

If you have signed up for anything on the internet your bombarded with a hundred other offerings.
Most of them offer verification by clicking the follow up e-mail. This is somewhat par for the course but who are they any how? I'm glutton for punishment because I have signed up for anything that offered instant riches. Of course you recieve a zillion unsolicited e-mails to fill your inbox.

Okay! I didn't expect instant riches but I did expect honesty with their offerings. Most are same oh, same oh with a different title. How many adsense reports, clickbank wealth, SEO optimization, doing the HTML game, and how I did it, do we need? It makes me feel like throwing up.

I had more websites that go nowhere than I could count. This was because their programs offered a way to make a big income. After paying for the programs you find a half dozen inner programs with more charges.

I bought into so many programs that my family shut me down. I wasn't paying the bills.
All my credit cards were cancelled, most were way over the limit. How do you do that?
I was given an allowance. What am I some little kid with an allowance? Of course sometimes drastick measures are necessay but to have an audit every month and a cosigner for my checks.

It didn't go that far because I balked. Lock me up and throw away the key. We finally came to an agreement where I wasn't to use the internet except for surfing and e-mails. No purchases allowed.

I was told at a young age that i'm retarded so I have an excuse.

What I'm trying to say here is be careful and wise. Don't go over your head in debt.
I now live comfortably, Not rich but I have all my needs. A home and car that's paid for and money in the bank and I owe no one. My name is cash only, one credit card for emegencies.

Next week I'll be doing an article on staying out of debt.

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